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Corporate Integrity System™ Malaysia

Corporate Integrity System™ Malaysia (CISM) is a framework initiated by the Malaysian Institute of Integrity and supported by the Stakeholders of the economic institutions, namely the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) of the Prime Minister Department, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Securities Commission of Malaysian (SC), Bursa Malaysia Bhd, Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M). CISM framework is modelled to support the corporate integrity initiatives under the directions if the New Economic Model for Malaysia, Government Transformation Programme and Target 3 of the National Integrity Plan, namely to enhance corporate governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Long-term commitments and sense of ownership from all stakeholders are the key contributor factor to fulfil its objectives.

CISM Model

The basis of CISM is the people behind it and to get people to behave in a way that is aligned with integrity is to first understand what motivates or influences their behaviour. For this we borrow from the New Economic Model that combines the elements of high-income, inclusiveness and sustainability. However we replace the overlapping area with Trusts. To conceive the correct corporate integrity climate, the basic needs of the everyday employee must be which can be considered as trusts societies environment. What about inclusiveness? An employee that feels that he belongs to an organisation, understands how his role affects how well the organisation does and is conversant about why he needs to do the right thing all the time will be less likely to commit crime or wrongdoing. Both these translate into sustainability - in that he is able to behave ethically and to do well at all times - Why? Because they found the meaning of trust in their work life and that contributes to overall sustainability.

CISM Value Chain

CISM Value Chain identifies gaps and obstacles faced by companies and businesses pursuing corporate integrity. Implementation of the CISM requires all stakeholders to take ownership and have a long-term commitment to the initiative. This is in line with the corporate integrity and business ethics goals of the New Economic Model (NEM), the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) – specifically the NKRA Against Corruption – and the National Integrity Plan (NIP).

CISM Value Chain